A woman dies during surgery and watches her husband grieve and find love again.

In that way, we can feel a little better.

Mainly focusing on episodes. .

I felt like the whole season for me personally, was very.

Many of them have serious acting chops and can portray a range of emotions while crying phenomenally! I read.

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. cried so much, it is a rare gem. Sometimes, we feel on those blue days.

Answer: Hahahahah. Genre can even be seasoned to taste with historical, fantasy, science fiction, action, romance, and many other drama ingredients.


That’s normal.

Last updated: August 19, 2022. There isn't one episode that won't have viewers crying.

The most crying i have seen is in a 2012 drama called May Queen. It is not just a single manly tear, sometimes it is full-on sobbing! As for the female leads, they are on a whole other level altogether.

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There are also meatier melodramas for people who want to cry a lot.
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Answer (1 of 5): I do this and I’m not sure what I think about it.

forcibly by the wrist.

The only dramas that made me cry is The Smile Has Left My Eyes (still not over this one), , Uncontrollably Fond, Moon Lovers , Todome no Kiss (Japanese drama). What better way to have a release than by watching some great K-Dramas that. .

Mar 1, 2022 · Top 10 saddest K-Dramas to cry. Mar 2, 2022 · Although K-dramas are a great way to relieve stress in the form of laughs and eye-candy, there are also some very sad ones that can evoke a strong urge to weep. . I get teary-eyed even in movies which aren’t all that particularly worth crying over - and that’s what pisses me when I think about it. That’s normal. .


- u/life-finds-a-way. Feb 20, 2021 · There are many types of K-dramas: Some of them make us laugh, keep us up at night, persuade us to become a doctor, or motivate us to do our best in life.

Gu Family Book made me cry a bit.


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Whenever I go over my parent's place or a Korean friend's and they have a Korean drama on.

When dramas are too long.