Sep 12, 2022 - lime liftoff, lemon tea, blue blast stevia, cranberry aloe, cherry stevia, & strawberry stevia.

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. Herbalife Shake Flavors.

* Not a low or reduced calorie food.

NOTICE: Use this product as a food.

GramZero Blue Blast Zero Calorie Sugar Free Drink Mix, Great For Nutrition Club Loaded Teas, Stevia. Crush the Liftoff Tablet (Tip: Leave the tablet in package, unopened and tap with a heavy spoon or something similar) Add the Crushed Liftoff to the Tumbler and Stir to Dissolve (Tip: Stir until the bubbles are completely eliminated). .

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. Step 2: Dissolve it with Cranberry Aloe, Sugar-free Cherry Powder and Raspberry Herbalife Tea Concentrate into 2 oz of hot water. Step 3: Pour the pink mixture into a cup and fill with ice.

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Fat Reducing S’mores shake. Orange cream (f1), banana caramel (f1), vanilla protein (pdm) and banana pudding.

GramZero – Naturally, Sugar Free BLUE BLAST Drink Mix has zero grams of sugar, zero calories and sweetened ONLY with Organic Stevia Leaf Extract! Which means. .

Protein Smoothie.
Squid Ink Topper: Blue Blast, Aloe Base: Strawberry AL, Watermelon AL, Raspberry Tea, NRG, POM Liftoff Watermelon Thunder Topper: Watermelon AL, Aloe.
Herbal Tea Concentrate is a refreshing, low-calorie instant tea mix formulated with a special blend of ingredients, including green tea, black tea, and orange pekoe extract.


We use fructose because it’s a great tasting carbohydrate.

. . If you want to make your loaded tea without the Herbalife supplements, your first order of business will be to find an energy drink mix that will replace the Herbalife Liftoff blend.

Formulated with approximately 85 mg of caffeine, it provides a boost to help you feel revitalized, antioxidant support, and most importantly, hydration for your body. The best part is that they are sweetened with Stevia. . box; Flavors. We use fructose because it’s a great tasting carbohydrate. Step 3: Pour the pink mixture into a cup and fill with ice.

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May 14, 2020 - Blue blast Peach tea Tropical liftoff Mango aloe Rainbow candy. These Boosted beauties are made with Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate, Lift-Off, Aloe and kicked up a notch with Flavorings that are sweetened with Stevia.

Options: 2 flavors.

Here's a list of all colors, flavors and sweeteners in our full line of Formula 1 shakes, including Formula 1 Instant and Herbalife24® Formula 1 Sport.


NOTICE: Use this product as a food.